How to start email marketing a step by step guide in 2020

how to start Email marketing in 2020

Email marketing is one of the best and highly effective sources of marketing. If you don’t trust me, then let me take you back in 1978. 

Gary Thuerk, the “father of spam,” sent the first marketing email, which resulted in $13 Million worth of sales. 

Why I like email marketing is because it creates a personal touch with the audience, it builds trust which is one of the most essential things in the business.

 The subscribers feel like you are the one who can help them reach their end goals.

Email marketing is not about you and your company it is about the customer, how you can help them to reach their goals 

If you keep this golden rule in the mind, they will not only open your emails but also they will look forward to hearing from you every time.


 Benefits of email marketing

Email Marketing benefits

    • There are 3.8 billion email users worldwide, so if you’re looking for a way to reach your customers, email is the perfect place to find them.
    • Two-third of customers have made the purchase as a result of direct email marketing.
    • Only 20% of leads that are sent directly to sales are qualified, they need to be nurtured via email and great content 
    • When it comes to customer acquisition, email is 40X more effective than  Facebook and Twitter combined.


Email Marketing strategy 

Each of your customers receives 121 emails per day, which means if you don’t take time to develop your email marketing strategy your email will be lost in the crowded inboxes or worse sent to the spam folder.

You can learn how to build a good email marketing strategy and send emails where people actually want to read. It  just takes a plan 

Step 1: Who is your target audience?

You should clearly know who your audience is because if you don’t know who your audience is how you can help them with your products. Knowing your audience is a must.


Step 2: What is your goal?

Before sending your email you should know what is the goal of your email is about creating brand awareness, marketing your products, or nurturing leads if you know what your end goal is you can write an email as per the goals that you want to achieve.


Step 3: Create a way for people to signup.

First of all, you need an email list to build that list you need several prospects to receive your email. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the list it takes some time to build the list. 


Step 4: Choose an email campaign marketing type 

The email marketing campaign may vary 

Do you want to send a weekly newsletter?

Do you want to send blogs post

Do you want to send new product announcements?

Create a marketing campaign that best suits your audience. You can also set up different email for a different type of audience.


Step 5: Measure your result 

As a marketer, we should measure our result. As small changes in email can yield big results we should always see how we can make improvements

As we now know what all strategies are required we will now be building our email list.

how to build email list

How to build your email list?

There are many ways to build your email list but tactically speaking list building comes down to two key elements Lead magnets and opt-in form 

Lead magnet 

A lead magnet is the same as it sounds like it is free products or service that you offer for your customer in the exchange of their email address 

People have become more cautious about their personal details they will not give you personal information unless you give them something valuable.

Types of lead magnet you can create 

  1. Ebook
  2. Infographic 
  3. Report or study 
  4. Checklist 
  5. Template
  6. Webinar 
  7. Tool


How to create a lead magnet?

  1. Make your offer solution-oriented and actionable 
  2. Make your offer easy to consume it may be a webpage, pdf, video or other formats 
  3. Create your offer with future content in the mind 
  4. Treat your lead magnet a stepping stone to your future paid content 
  5. Create an offer that can help your subscriber to gain trust in you 


Opt-in form

 An opt-in form is how you can get your buyer’s information to add them to their list. These lists will become a valuable asset for your company.


Here are tips for creating an opt-in form

  1. Create an attractive design and attention-grabbing header 
  2. Make the copy relevant to your offer 
  3. Keep the form simple
  4. Set your opt-in form for double confirmation
  5. Ensure that flow works properly 


How to send marketing emails?

If you have followed the steps that have told to you, Right now you should have a good email list subscribers in your hand.

Here are few extremely things to keep in mind before you start emailing your list that you have worked so hard on it.



1) Choose an email marketing services


An email marketing provider is a great resource if you are looking for any level of support while fine-tuning your email marketing efforts. They help you to organize your work which makes helps you to focus on important things.

Here is the list of best email marketing provider.

  1. GetResponse.
  2. HubSpot 
  3. ConvertKit.
  4. MailChimp. 
  5. Drip. 
  6. AWeber.
  7. ActiveCampaign.    


Here are the featured services you want to consider in your email service provider 

  1. CRM platform with segmentation capability.
  2. Good standing with an internet service provider
  3. Positive reputation as an email service provider
  4. Easy to build forms and landing pages
  5. Automation
  6. Ability to split test your emails
  7. Build-in analytics
  8. Downloadable reports



2) Email marketing tips 

Your goal with every email is to generate more leads which make marketing email a more involved process than other emails you have written 

Successful marketing email component 

Copy: The copy in the body of your email should be consistent with your voice and stick to only one topic


Images: Choose images that are optimized


CTA: Your call to action should lead to relevant action and stand out from the rest of the emails.


Subject lines: Your subject lines should be clear and catchy should exactly tell the user what is the email about.


Personalization: Write every email as you are writing to your friend.


 3) Implement email segmentation:

Segmentation is breaking up your large email list into smaller ones. Which can be added into other sub-category characteristics, preferences, and interests.


Why you should segment your email list?

Each person who signs up to receive your email has a different level of readiness to convert into a customer.

Every email you send should treat your subscribers like humans that you want to connect with. As opposed to a heard of lists that you are trying to corral into one fixed-sized box

The more you segment your list the more trust you build with your customer.

The segmented email list generates 58% of all revenues.


How to segment your email list?

Here are some ways you can segment your email list.

  1. Geographical location
  2. Awareness, consideration, the decision stage 
  3. Industry
  4. Previous engagement with your brand
  5. Language 
  6. Job title 

4) Personalize your email  

Now you know to whom you are emailing and what’s important to them, it will be much easier to send emails with a personalized touch.

Personalize touch emails have a 26% open rate and a 14% click-through rate as compared to other emails.

Here are a few ways to personalize your email:

  • Add the first name field in your subject line and/or greetings.
  • Use region-specific information when required 
  • Send content that is relevant to your lead lifecycle stage.
  • End your email with a personal signature.
  • Use a relevant call to action to offer that the reader will find useful.



Email marketing is one of the platforms in the market it may be a little bit of old fashion as compared to the social media platform 

But keep one thing that in mind this is one of the best platforms to convert your leads into loyal customers.

If you follow the following steps as said above you definitely do an excellent job in email marketing.


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