How to Start a Blog From Scratch in 2020 [Step by Step Guide].


How to start a blog from sratch.In the past few years, I have received a lot of emails, Saying that, How can someone create a brand and authoritative Website and start a Blog from scratch.

Having some or little knowledge about writing blogs, I knew that something should be done.

So I started searching for articles on google. And guess what? I have not found a single article explaining the full method or steps in how to start a blog from scratch.

This is how I got inspired to write an article like this, Which guides you step by step how you can start a blog from scratch. Even if you have little or no knowledge about writing blogs.



 What is Blog? 

The Blog is something that can be used for anything that involves communicating or publishing. Typical uses include teaching and educational and corporate use. 

Your Blog can be a personal diary, a project collaboration tool, a guide, or any means of communicating and publishing information on the web.

 In simple meaning, Blog is a medium where you share and speak your knowledge with the public.

We will see how in 4 simple steps, you can create and start a blog. 



  4 Simple steps you can create a blog.


  • Your owned website

  • Creating a WordPress Website 

  • Writing Content 

  • Posting 

First of all, we need a self-hosted website. 

Why we need a self-hosted website?

The primary benefit of self-hosting is that you have more control. Hosting on a platform, you do not own carries the risk of you losing your Blog.

First, we need to buy a domain name for your Website. A domain name is nothing but the name of your Website, just like, 

If you are not getting ideas about what you should name your domain, you can use

Blog name ideasBlog name generator which gives you blog name ideas




4)Domain Wheel.

5)Lean Domain Search. 


These tools will help you get the ideas to name your Website name as per your topic.

You can buy Domain names from sites like,, or Which will cost you no more than Rs 700-800 for yearly services

Then we need a server to host your Website. There are various options in the market, but I prefer A2Hosting.

Because of the Quality services they provide. The one service which makes them the best in the market is the Support Team. They have one of the best support team you will get in the market.

They will help you 24*7, And they will help you get all the assistance that you need to get started. This is crucial because you need help at the beginning of setting up your Website. And the support team is required for these critical times.

And one of the critical things is pricing, the pricing is as cheap as 750-800rs per month.

Once you bought your self-hosting and domain name, the next step is creating a WordPress account and building a website using WordPress.


  • Creating a WordPress Website?

Once you have signed in your Self-hosting. You need to install WordPress in your C-Panel. 

Why we need WordPress?

Almost 35% of the world websites are build using WordPress. And it is userfriendly.

You don’t need to know to code for building your Website; you just need to drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin to easily customize your websites.


10 Advantages of Using WordPress for Developing Website

  • WordPress is Cost Effective. 

  • Update Your Site Anywhere You Are.

  • Search Engine Optimization Ready. (SEO)

  • Convenient Syndication. 

  • Responsive Web Design. 

  • Upgrade Your Site’s Capabilities Easily. 

  • Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing. 

  • Ultimate Social Media Integration.

You can drag and drop and customize your Website, or you can use templates that help you in making your work quite easy. 

This is one of the best websites where you download your free template and use it in building your Website  

There is a various option as per your blog topic you can use your template.

Best themes for wordpress sites.What is the best theme for WordPress sites?

For any website to attract visitors and maintain interest – which is undoubtedly what any business wants – the look and style must be attractive. 

A website theme helps to determine its design. Typically a website theme will include- The type and size of the fonts on the webpage.

These are the best themes you can use for your Website to make it even more attractive.

  • Smart Passive Income Pro Theme.

  • Typology.

  • Divi.

  • Magnus Photoblog Theme. 

  • Hemingway. 

  • Authority. 

  • Hero Theme. 

  • Modern Studio Pro Theme

Thes themes will help your Website to load fast, which basically helps you to rank higher on the google page.


3) How to write content?

After customizing your beautiful websites using templates and using one of the light themes.

We will now move on to content. Content is the topic that you want to share with the public through your Blog.

If you are writing blogs for the first time or have been writing blogs, you need to follow these guidelines, which will help you to write a beautiful and attractive blog.


Step 1:

Know your audience. If you are writing a blog, you should know who your audience is? 

If, for example, you are writing a blog on the “best laptop to buy,” so your target audience may be from the age group of 18-30. 

Who knows little about laptop and their function. 

Who is willing to buy. So you should use the right words and phrases so that they take action. 

Knowing your audience is the key to success in the blogging business.


Step 2:

Plan your Blog as per the topic you want to write for, create an outline for the Blog so that you can have a clear idea of what all things you are going to cover in the said topic.

Why is this important?

 Because if you have an outline of what all things you are going to cover, now you just have to spend your time how you can make your blogs more attractive.

Many new bloggers skip the planning stage, doing your homework will actually save your time and help you develop good blogging habits.


Step 3:

Write catchy headlines.

Headlines are the first thing the reader notice; it’s your job to convince them to click and read your content.

Headlines are crucial for increasing your social shares and improving your brand.

Ask yourself if you had recently bought a book what the first thing you had noticed is, it must be a catchy title. 

The title grabs our attention; this is the thing as a marketer you should grab the attention of people.


Step 4:

Use images. Images are the key factors in blogs, it makes our Blog more attractive and helps the user understand the topic more nicely.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Use beautiful and attractive images to keep your audience engage.


4) Posting

After doing all the hard work of building your Website, blog research, and writing a blog now, it is time to post on your Website. 

But make sure you go through your Blog again see what all changes you can make it even more beautiful. 

After doing all the steps, post it on your Website and make a good audience group.



Writing a blog takes a little bit of time. It is just like riding a bicycle; you need to practice it to master it.

But what is essential is to take action, taking action is the only way you can know what all things you are doing wrong and right. 

Take action and start your own blog today.

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