how to start Email marketing in 2020

How to start email marketing a step by step guide in 2020

how to start Email marketing in 2020

Email marketing is one of the best and highly effective sources of marketing. If you don’t trust me, then let me take you back in 1978. 

Gary Thuerk, the “father of spam,” sent the first marketing email, which resulted in $13 Million worth of sales. 

Why I like email marketing is because it creates a personal touch with the audience, it builds trust which is one of the most essential things in the business.

 The subscribers feel like you are the one who can help them reach their end goals.

Email marketing is not about you and your company it is about the customer, how you can help them to reach their goals 

If you keep this golden rule in the mind, they will not only open your emails but also they will look forward to hearing from you every time.


 Benefits of email marketing

Email Marketing benefits

    • There are 3.8 billion email users worldwide, so if you’re looking for a way to reach your customers, email is the perfect place to find them.
    • Two-third of customers have made the purchase as a result of direct email marketing.
    • Only 20% of leads that are sent directly to sales are qualified, they need to be nurtured via email and great content 
    • When it comes to customer acquisition, email is 40X more effective than  Facebook and Twitter combined.


Email Marketing strategy 

Each of your customers receives 121 emails per day, which means if you don’t take time to develop your email marketing strategy your email will be lost in the crowded inboxes or worse sent to the spam folder.

You can learn how to build a good email marketing strategy and send emails where people actually want to read. It  just takes a plan 

Step 1: Who is your target audience?

You should clearly know who your audience is because if you don’t know who your audience is how you can help them with your products. Knowing your audience is a must.


Step 2: What is your goal?

Before sending your email you should know what is the goal of your email is about creating brand awareness, marketing your products, or nurturing leads if you know what your end goal is you can write an email as per the goals that you want to achieve.


Step 3: Create a way for people to signup.

First of all, you need an email list to build that list you need several prospects to receive your email. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the list it takes some time to build the list. 


Step 4: Choose an email campaign marketing type 

The email marketing campaign may vary 

Do you want to send a weekly newsletter?

Do you want to send blogs post

Do you want to send new product announcements?

Create a marketing campaign that best suits your audience. You can also set up different email for a different type of audience.


Step 5: Measure your result 

As a marketer, we should measure our result. As small changes in email can yield big results we should always see how we can make improvements

As we now know what all strategies are required we will now be building our email list.

how to build email list

How to build your email list?

There are many ways to build your email list but tactically speaking list building comes down to two key elements Lead magnets and opt-in form 

Lead magnet 

A lead magnet is the same as it sounds like it is free products or service that you offer for your customer in the exchange of their email address 

People have become more cautious about their personal details they will not give you personal information unless you give them something valuable.

Types of lead magnet you can create 

  1. Ebook
  2. Infographic 
  3. Report or study 
  4. Checklist 
  5. Template
  6. Webinar 
  7. Tool


How to create a lead magnet?

  1. Make your offer solution-oriented and actionable 
  2. Make your offer easy to consume it may be a webpage, pdf, video or other formats 
  3. Create your offer with future content in the mind 
  4. Treat your lead magnet a stepping stone to your future paid content 
  5. Create an offer that can help your subscriber to gain trust in you 


Opt-in form

 An opt-in form is how you can get your buyer’s information to add them to their list. These lists will become a valuable asset for your company.


Here are tips for creating an opt-in form

  1. Create an attractive design and attention-grabbing header 
  2. Make the copy relevant to your offer 
  3. Keep the form simple
  4. Set your opt-in form for double confirmation
  5. Ensure that flow works properly 


How to send marketing emails?

If you have followed the steps that have told to you, Right now you should have a good email list subscribers in your hand.

Here are few extremely things to keep in mind before you start emailing your list that you have worked so hard on it.



1) Choose an email marketing services


An email marketing provider is a great resource if you are looking for any level of support while fine-tuning your email marketing efforts. They help you to organize your work which makes helps you to focus on important things.

Here is the list of best email marketing provider.

  1. GetResponse.
  2. HubSpot 
  3. ConvertKit.
  4. MailChimp. 
  5. Drip. 
  6. AWeber.
  7. ActiveCampaign.    


Here are the featured services you want to consider in your email service provider 

  1. CRM platform with segmentation capability.
  2. Good standing with an internet service provider
  3. Positive reputation as an email service provider
  4. Easy to build forms and landing pages
  5. Automation
  6. Ability to split test your emails
  7. Build-in analytics
  8. Downloadable reports



2) Email marketing tips 

Your goal with every email is to generate more leads which make marketing email a more involved process than other emails you have written 

Successful marketing email component 

Copy: The copy in the body of your email should be consistent with your voice and stick to only one topic


Images: Choose images that are optimized


CTA: Your call to action should lead to relevant action and stand out from the rest of the emails.


Subject lines: Your subject lines should be clear and catchy should exactly tell the user what is the email about.


Personalization: Write every email as you are writing to your friend.


 3) Implement email segmentation:

Segmentation is breaking up your large email list into smaller ones. Which can be added into other sub-category characteristics, preferences, and interests.


Why you should segment your email list?

Each person who signs up to receive your email has a different level of readiness to convert into a customer.

Every email you send should treat your subscribers like humans that you want to connect with. As opposed to a heard of lists that you are trying to corral into one fixed-sized box

The more you segment your list the more trust you build with your customer.

The segmented email list generates 58% of all revenues.


How to segment your email list?

Here are some ways you can segment your email list.

  1. Geographical location
  2. Awareness, consideration, the decision stage 
  3. Industry
  4. Previous engagement with your brand
  5. Language 
  6. Job title 

4) Personalize your email  

Now you know to whom you are emailing and what’s important to them, it will be much easier to send emails with a personalized touch.

Personalize touch emails have a 26% open rate and a 14% click-through rate as compared to other emails.

Here are a few ways to personalize your email:

  • Add the first name field in your subject line and/or greetings.
  • Use region-specific information when required 
  • Send content that is relevant to your lead lifecycle stage.
  • End your email with a personal signature.
  • Use a relevant call to action to offer that the reader will find useful.



Email marketing is one of the platforms in the market it may be a little bit of old fashion as compared to the social media platform 

But keep one thing that in mind this is one of the best platforms to convert your leads into loyal customers.

If you follow the following steps as said above you definitely do an excellent job in email marketing.


How to start a blog from sratch.

How to Start a Blog From Scratch in 2020 [Step by Step Guide].


How to start a blog from sratch.In the past few years, I have received a lot of emails, Saying that, How can someone create a brand and authoritative Website and start a Blog from scratch.

Having some or little knowledge about writing blogs, I knew that something should be done.

So I started searching for articles on google. And guess what? I have not found a single article explaining the full method or steps in how to start a blog from scratch.

This is how I got inspired to write an article like this, Which guides you step by step how you can start a blog from scratch. Even if you have little or no knowledge about writing blogs.



 What is Blog? 

The Blog is something that can be used for anything that involves communicating or publishing. Typical uses include teaching and educational and corporate use. 

Your Blog can be a personal diary, a project collaboration tool, a guide, or any means of communicating and publishing information on the web.

 In simple meaning, Blog is a medium where you share and speak your knowledge with the public.

We will see how in 4 simple steps, you can create and start a blog. 



  4 Simple steps you can create a blog.


  • Your owned website

  • Creating a WordPress Website 

  • Writing Content 

  • Posting 

First of all, we need a self-hosted website. 

Why we need a self-hosted website?

The primary benefit of self-hosting is that you have more control. Hosting on a platform, you do not own carries the risk of you losing your Blog.

First, we need to buy a domain name for your Website. A domain name is nothing but the name of your Website, just like, 

If you are not getting ideas about what you should name your domain, you can use

Blog name ideasBlog name generator which gives you blog name ideas




4)Domain Wheel.

5)Lean Domain Search. 


These tools will help you get the ideas to name your Website name as per your topic.

You can buy Domain names from sites like,, or Which will cost you no more than Rs 700-800 for yearly services

Then we need a server to host your Website. There are various options in the market, but I prefer A2Hosting.

Because of the Quality services they provide. The one service which makes them the best in the market is the Support Team. They have one of the best support team you will get in the market.

They will help you 24*7, And they will help you get all the assistance that you need to get started. This is crucial because you need help at the beginning of setting up your Website. And the support team is required for these critical times.

And one of the critical things is pricing, the pricing is as cheap as 750-800rs per month.

Once you bought your self-hosting and domain name, the next step is creating a WordPress account and building a website using WordPress.


  • Creating a WordPress Website?

Once you have signed in your Self-hosting. You need to install WordPress in your C-Panel. 

Why we need WordPress?

Almost 35% of the world websites are build using WordPress. And it is userfriendly.

You don’t need to know to code for building your Website; you just need to drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin to easily customize your websites.


10 Advantages of Using WordPress for Developing Website

  • WordPress is Cost Effective. 

  • Update Your Site Anywhere You Are.

  • Search Engine Optimization Ready. (SEO)

  • Convenient Syndication. 

  • Responsive Web Design. 

  • Upgrade Your Site’s Capabilities Easily. 

  • Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing. 

  • Ultimate Social Media Integration.

You can drag and drop and customize your Website, or you can use templates that help you in making your work quite easy. 

This is one of the best websites where you download your free template and use it in building your Website  

There is a various option as per your blog topic you can use your template.

Best themes for wordpress sites.What is the best theme for WordPress sites?

For any website to attract visitors and maintain interest – which is undoubtedly what any business wants – the look and style must be attractive. 

A website theme helps to determine its design. Typically a website theme will include- The type and size of the fonts on the webpage.

These are the best themes you can use for your Website to make it even more attractive.

  • Smart Passive Income Pro Theme.

  • Typology.

  • Divi.

  • Magnus Photoblog Theme. 

  • Hemingway. 

  • Authority. 

  • Hero Theme. 

  • Modern Studio Pro Theme

Thes themes will help your Website to load fast, which basically helps you to rank higher on the google page.


3) How to write content?

After customizing your beautiful websites using templates and using one of the light themes.

We will now move on to content. Content is the topic that you want to share with the public through your Blog.

If you are writing blogs for the first time or have been writing blogs, you need to follow these guidelines, which will help you to write a beautiful and attractive blog.


Step 1:

Know your audience. If you are writing a blog, you should know who your audience is? 

If, for example, you are writing a blog on the “best laptop to buy,” so your target audience may be from the age group of 18-30. 

Who knows little about laptop and their function. 

Who is willing to buy. So you should use the right words and phrases so that they take action. 

Knowing your audience is the key to success in the blogging business.


Step 2:

Plan your Blog as per the topic you want to write for, create an outline for the Blog so that you can have a clear idea of what all things you are going to cover in the said topic.

Why is this important?

 Because if you have an outline of what all things you are going to cover, now you just have to spend your time how you can make your blogs more attractive.

Many new bloggers skip the planning stage, doing your homework will actually save your time and help you develop good blogging habits.


Step 3:

Write catchy headlines.

Headlines are the first thing the reader notice; it’s your job to convince them to click and read your content.

Headlines are crucial for increasing your social shares and improving your brand.

Ask yourself if you had recently bought a book what the first thing you had noticed is, it must be a catchy title. 

The title grabs our attention; this is the thing as a marketer you should grab the attention of people.


Step 4:

Use images. Images are the key factors in blogs, it makes our Blog more attractive and helps the user understand the topic more nicely.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Use beautiful and attractive images to keep your audience engage.


4) Posting

After doing all the hard work of building your Website, blog research, and writing a blog now, it is time to post on your Website. 

But make sure you go through your Blog again see what all changes you can make it even more beautiful. 

After doing all the steps, post it on your Website and make a good audience group.



Writing a blog takes a little bit of time. It is just like riding a bicycle; you need to practice it to master it.

But what is essential is to take action, taking action is the only way you can know what all things you are doing wrong and right. 

Take action and start your own blog today.

How to start affiliate marketing in india

How to start affiliate marketing in India [Step by Step Guide]

How to start affiliate marketing in india

Want to create a passive source of Income?

Want to make 50,000+ income with a laptop and internet connection?

 A source that keeps on generating Income even if we don’t put our efforts into it?

 If yes,

 Affiliate marketing is that type of model.

There is tremendous income potential in Affiliate marketing in India, where you can make as much as 80% of affiliate commission.

You may be asking yourself, Okay, I know that affiliate marketing is a good source of an income stream, but I don’t know where to start from.

This article will guide you on how you can start your affiliate marketing business in India.


What is affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, it is recommending products to people and, in return earning commission from it. 

You can promote your products via.

  1. Social media. 
  2. Sms bulk. 
  3. Blogging.
  4. Create useful videos.
  5. Monthly emails and newsletter.

One of the best and highly recommended platform is Blogging. 

All you need to do is.

  1. Create a website 
  2. Sing up for an affiliate program.
  3. Find products to promote. 
  4. Get your unique affiliate link.
  5. Earn a commission if someone buys products through your link. 


Benefits of affiliate marketing in India?

Why I love affiliate marketing is because of.

  1. I can be my own boss. 
  2. I can work from home.
  3. I can earn money even if I sleep at night. 
  4. I can earn money 24*7.
  5. I don’t need a considerable investment for setup.
  6. I can run my company alone or with 1 or 2 employees.
  7. I can explore the market without going anywhere.
  8. I can Handpick my partners.
  9. I can make as much Income as I want,  depend upon the work that I do.
  10. I can scale up my business as much as I want.

It is a well-proven income model where millions and millions of amounts are earned by the individual just like you and me.

And one of the best things I love about affiliate marketing is the ROI [Return On Investment]. With so little amount invested, you can earn so much. 

The average ROI of affiliate marketing in India is 5-10%. If you invest 1Rs and you get a sale which earns you 5Rs with 1Rs as an advertising fee, you keep the 4Rs. 

As per Google, 81% of brands rely on affiliate marketing.

It is a low-risk high reward business.


What Kind of products to promote on an affiliate marketing network in India?

There is a large number of products you can promote on your affiliate website. It all depends on the niche that you select.

If your Niche is Fashion, you sell products like Clothing and clothing accessories for Men, Women, and Babies. Which can include Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Belts, and Watches,

If, for example, you select your niche Fashion> Men’s accessories>Watches. 

You can build your website on Men Watches and select what products to sell from Amazon.

Amazon offers 10% of the commission on Watches in India. 

You can select any niche you want. You can sell Products and Services.

Like Webhosting services, Tourism, Software, and email marketing tools and many more.

Try to target that product which provides you a nice amount of commission and which has good feedback on that product.


How to start an affiliate marketing business in India?


  • Find a product list to promote.

  • Build a website.

  • Join an affiliate marketing program.

  • Select the products you want to promote.

  • Create content for that product.

1)Find a product list to promote 

It all depends upon the niche that you select and then find products to promote ion your website. 

From my experience, what I think is you should select the niche which you are interested in because you can write content for the products without getting bored.

If you like reading books, you can promote books on your website and write content for that particular book.

What is the book about? 

What is interesting about that book? 

Why should you buy it? 

Basically, your content should say about the benefits of the product. 

There are two things that you should keep in mind. 

  1. Competition 
  2. Commission

Try to target those products which have minimum competition and which yields you good commission. 

You can find a large number of products on Amazon and Flipkart Affiliate programs. 

build a website

    2) Build a website.

Right now, building a website is pretty simple.

All you need is a Web Hosting Platform and a Domain name.

It will take hardly 30 minutes for the entire process. 

Then you can design your website on WordPress, which is a handy tool. 

Without the need to know coding and programming, just with drag and drop option.

And build a website as per your needs.

3) Join an affiliate marketing program.

There is a large number of Affiliate Marketing programs in India. 

These are the top ones that you can start your business with.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

It is one of the best affiliate programs available in the market. Because of a large number of products available to sell, with a handsome commission rate ranging up to 10%.

Free to join.

  • Flipkart Affiliate Program.

It is also a good option because of its reputed brand name and consumer loyalty.

It, too, has a handsome commission rate ranging up to 15%.

Free to join.

  • Cue links 

It is a good option if your site has the right amount of traffic. It is a coupon and deals site which gives you details of ongoing discounts on a particular product on that site.

If the customer clicks on that Cue link on your website, the traffic is then moved on that particular product. If he buys, you earn a commission.

  • Share a Sale 

With over 3900 merchants and 18 years of experience, it is one of the best platforms in the market. It has a large number of products and commissions, ranging up to 50%.

Easy to join. 

  4) Select the products you want to promote.

Select the product that has a nice amount of target audience. Which can sell like hotcakes but keep one thing in mind you must also see the review of that particular products.

After going through all the process and learning about the best products you can promote on your website.

Now, is it time to write content on that product.

create content for product

5) Create content for that product.

It basically means you should write benefits for particular products. 

There are different categories of writing content.

  • How to do or informational article.

 In this type, you tell the user how you create a particular product or service or use it.

It basically gives information about that particular product.

This is one of the best performing sales articles where you guide the user to buy the products with benefits.

  • X vs. Y or comparison article

 In this type of article, you tell the user the pros and cons of those particular products.

This type of article leads to less amount of traffic, but the conversion rate is high because the buyer intends to buy the product.

  • Discount or Best Deals Articles

In this type of article, you tell the user benefits of products but with the special discount going on that product.

It is also one of the best performings articles because the buyer has searched for that particular product above that he is getting the product on sale which is cherry on the cake 🙂 

There are many categories, but this is the best one you drive sales for the products.

Tools required for affiliate marketing in India

Tools required for affiliate marketing in India 

There are many tools that you required to run your website smoothly, but these are the ones that you must have in your arsenal if you want to have the edge over your competition.

  1. WordPress- For creating your website 
  2. Elementor- For building beautiful design.
  3. Ahrefs- For targeting keywords and knowing your customer and competitor.
  4. Grammarly- To improve grammar rules and eliminate grammar errors.
  5. Buzzsumo- To know which content is trending so that we can write an article of our particular niche.
  6. Mail Chimp- For sending and notifying your subscriber’s deals and discount going on.

best affiliate program for beginner

The best affiliate marketing program for beginner  

1) Flipkart Affiliate.

2) Amazon Associates.

3) vCommission.

4) Optimize.

5) BIGROCK Affiliate.

6) DGM India.

7) Komli.

8) MakeMyTrip Affiliate.



Affiliate Marketing is one of the best models to earn revenue from, you don’t need to put many efforts into it just build a splendid website and write rich content on it which drives traffic.

There are many people out there in the market who are earning millions and millions by this model. 

You just need one thing to excel in this market that is, “PASSION” to be the best in the game.

If you can take all the necessary steps as said above, I promise you that you are going to succeed and make millions for yourself. 

All you need is to take action. 

And build your dreams.

How to do keyword research and analysis.

How to do Keyword Research and analysis for beginners [Step by Step process].

How to do keyword research and analysis.

Have you ever felt that you have been writing good informational articles but your articles are not ranking on Google page 1?

And how do keyword research and analysis play a vital role?

It may be you’re Heading is not catchy or it may be various different things. But one of the most underrated things the newbie bloggers don’t consider is “Keyword Research and analysis”

If you are here to grab some knowledge regarding How to do keyword research and analysis. 

You are in some luck.

Because these articles will guide you on how to do keyword research and analysis in a step by step process.

Keyword research and analysis provides you with specific search data that can help you answer questions like:

  1. What are people searching for?
  2. How many people are searching for?
  3. In what format do they want that information?

You may be thinking, Why is all this required, and Why all this is important? Why we cannot just write the content that we like and publish on our website and drive traffic to our site?

Keyword Research in seo

Why Keyword research?

The main reason why Keyword research is the main factor in SEO is that it drives the right traffic to our website. If your articles are userfriendly it helps in reducing the bounce rate to your website. Which basically increase your website authority. 

In short Keyword research helps you understand who your customers are, what are they searching for and what are their needs?

 Here is an example. Bata House is a local Sports shop that deals mostly with Cricket accessories. They want to know, Who their customer is? What are their needs? 

These are the questions you want to know?

  1. What types of cricket bat people are searching for is it Season Bat, Tennis bat, etc? 
  2. Who is searching for these terms?
  3. When these searches are done? Is it in winter, summer, or rainy season?
  4. What words do they use?    

Cricket bat for men 

Cricket for kids

Best cricket bat.

Different accessories that are required to be a great cricketer

  1. Are this researches happening on mobile or on the computer?
  2. Where are our customers from, are they local or international?

 These are the questions that customers are asking for if you can write articles that can solve all of these problems your articles would be loved by your reader and wouls be rank on page 1 on Google.


Keyword research steps

1) Discovering keywords 

2) Search Volume

3) Long-Tail Keywords?

4) Search intent? 


1)Discovering Keywords

There are fewer keywords that you can rank for understanding what keywords you can write articles on. 

All you have to do is take your products or services word and type in the Keyword planner you will get results reading those words you have typed in these are the related questions your buyer have queries on.

Let’s use the example of  “Umbrella” and type in keyword planner we get the result like.

  1. Best umbrella for kids 
  2. Umbrella size 
  3. Umbrella design 

After you get this type of results you will notice that you will also get the search volume result for that product or services. This is important if you get the keyword for your articles, but what if the search volume is low, who will read it.

Once you know what keyword to target and knowing search volume you will drive traffic to your website.

2) Search Volume 

Search volume is nothing but the searches that people make for that particular keyword. 

Higher the search volume the more competition for that particular keyword. If the keyword has a high search it means it is difficult to rank on Page 1 because of big brands taking that position.

You can know what you’re competitors are ranking for and researching about your competitor keywords you can target those keywords with less competition but with a good search volume. 

Typically, the higher the search volume, the greater the competition and effort required to achieve organic success.

In, many cases it may be most adventurous ti target highly specific, lower competition search terms. In SEO we call those long-tail keywords.

3) Long-Tail Keywords

If we type in “mobile phone” on google and your website is ranking on the first page is it good?

We would be super happy to rank on the first page with the keyword “mobile phones”. This keyword has a search volume of more than 50000 in a month. 

But this keyword will not bring you sales or very minimum sales because Google does not understand what the target audience is searching for. It will show all the results for mobile phones. 

But the intent of the buyer is not shown 

Does he want to buy a mobile phone?

 Is he searching for mobile phone information? 

Is he searching for a mobile phone shop? 

Google does not understand the buyer’s question that is why even if the search volume is high for that particular keyword but the click rate is quite low. That is where long-tail keyword comes into play.

Long-tail keyword search volume might be lower but the conversion rate is high.

For example, if the buyer is searching for “Mobile phones under 15000” the intent of the buyer is specific google understands the buyer wants to know to prices for the mobile phone under 15000.

In short the more specific the keyword the more conversion you get.

4) Search Intent 

The search intent is nothing but the intent of the buyer for that search queries.

There are 3 types of search intent 

  1. Informational Queries 
  2. Transactional Queries
  3. Navigational Queries

 1) Informational Queries 

 The queries which need information for that particular search is known as information queries 

For example Mahatma Gandhi the buyer wants information for Mahatma Gandhi. Which says  I want to read more about him.


2) Transactional Queries

The queries which are more specific or maybe a comparison. The searches which want to take action 

For Example,

 Best Laptops under 2000 or 

Hp laptop vs Dell laptop which one is better.


3) Navigational Queries 

The queries which are very specific and for those particular brands.

For Example,

Tshirts for men Roadster.

Women shoes Nike.

Best Keyword research tool

 Best Keyword Research tools

There are many keywords tools in the market but this is a list of the best keyword tools which you can use. Some of them are free keyword tools others are paid ones.

Free Keyword Tools 

  1. Google Trends 
  2. Answer the public 
  3. Keyword surfer 
  4. Keyword
  5. Bulk Keyword Generator.

Paid Keyword Tools 

  1. Semrush
  2. Kwfinder
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Longtail Pro
  5. Moz


Keywords Tips 

    • Think like a customer. Identify your target audience and put yourself into the shoes of a customer when you create your initial list of keywords. 
    • Study the competition. 
    • Understand the long tail keyword. 
    • Use keyword research tools. 



 The main thing to do is write articles for your target audience which find the answer in your article. If you write an article as per your customer needs and interest. 

I can definitely tell you that you will rank higher in the Google Search Engine.