This is Pranay Prabhu from

 Let me tell you about myself, how I ended up here in Digital Marketing.

I have been in the Real Estate business for more than 3 years.

Recently we were not generating enough leads through the traditional method, which was Hoarding and newspaper ads we didn’t know the reason for it.

One day when I was surfing through my Facebook account, I saw an ad that was related to Real Estate. This grabs my attention because the ads were reached to so many people with so much amount of engagement.

I was curious to know how he was doing it? Is it really profitable? Are the leads genuine?
All these types of questions where racing in my mind at the speed of light. If this is genuine enough, I should give it a try.

I clicked on that ad, which took me to the website. It was beautiful and organized. It was designed so good you would love to spent time on it.

After entering my details on that ad, I get a call on Saturday afternoon, it was from that Real estate company.

They asked me some basic stuff, and was I free to have a site visit. And I accepted it. 

I met the Sales executive, and we had a look at the site and talked about the project, then I asked him I saw your ad on Facebook. How did you know I was interested in buying a property? 

He said it is “Digital Marketing.” Marketing through social media.

He said we have generated 2000 leads in a month with 4 out of 10 excellent leads.

I was stunned because we were generating almost 150 leads in a month, out of which 2 out of 10 good points. I need to know and use a digital marketing platform.

From there on, I have learned about the benefits of digital marketing and how it can help you reach new heights in your business? And scale your business.

Now I knew a little bit about digital marketing. I bought a course and started to implement it, as said because I knew nothing about it, so I blindly followed the instructions. If my instructor said that stand on one leg and type, I would do that because I was curious to learn.

From there on, I never looked back. I have built 3 websites, and each of my sites was bringing tons of traffic.

I was looking for information on how to create a blog, and I found that the information was available, but it was scattered. There where no website that would teach a beginner to start a blogging career from scratch even if he didn’t know anything.

So I created, a website that says everything about how you can start a blogging career? What are the essential steps?  What are the tools for building websites? 

With this in mind, I have started this website for all the newbies and who knows little about blogging. You can say it is a complete course which is worth more than Rs.30,000. 

I just want to help you if you are opting for a Digital Marketing career. I have lost so much amount of money buying courses. I don’t want you to make that mistake; that’s why I build this website. It is nothing but my experience and hard work.

I hope you appreciate my work. Hoping to see you grow big.